Bow Tie Baby Shower Cake

I’m at work one day, I’m a high school counselor, and I get an email from our amazing choir director, Holly. She was hosting a baby shower and wanted a cake and cookies to match the invitation. Bow ties in black and gold, I loved it!

I got busy sketching.

I wanted the edges of this cake to be crisp and clean so after filling and stacking the layers I used chocolate ganache. This was my first experience using ganache and wrapping a cake in fondant. The bottom layer was chocolate covered in chocolate ganache and the top was vanilla covered in white chocolate ganache. Basically, ganache is chocolate and heavy cream. Melted and left to cool. It turns into a spreadable consistency that hardens as it cools and Oh MY tastes so amazing.

Me and fondant covered cakes are not best friends but this wrapping method and I get along just fine 🙂 I promise I will do a tutorial on it soon! Look at these two beautiful cakes… it.

The fondant made for the perfect surface to paint the gold luster dust on. Just mix it up with a tiny bit of vodka, because it evaporates so fast, and get to painting.

I used this pattern to create the vertical stripes.

I was originally just going to put the wide stripes on it. After those were all on I sat back and looked. It seemed to be missing something. Back to the drawing board.

It needed the narrow stripes don’t you think?

The bow tie was made out of fondant and I did it a few days ahead of time to let it dry. Aaaaaaand of course it broke. The one time I only make one of something of course.

So, with no time to make a new one, I got out the chocolate and melted some and repaired it. Always an adventure here in Kim’s cake land! I used paper towels to prop it up until it was dry and solid 🙂 Yay Brawny Man!!

All the while decorating these cute cookies….. I love me some sugar cookies.

The afternoon of the shower I got a text from Holly saying “Everyone raved about how cute and DELICIOUS the cake was.” Gotta say, I love that kind of feedback.