Humane Society of Utah: Kitty City Cake

I am so excited to show you this project! The Humane Society of Utah opened it’s “Kitty City” with a VIP reception on August 24th, 2012. My husband’s cousin was the events director there and called me to ask if I was interested in making the cake and 500 cupcakes for the VIP reception and for the open house the following day. I was so honored and excited I said yes without hesitation! Since then I have been planning and baking. I have to say a HUGE thank you to Amber and Charliy for all they did to help me make this project a reality. I really could NOT have done it without all their help and support. Love you guys!!

Ok, on to the pictures!

This is the whole thing :) A four tiered cake with 250 cupcakes. The other 250 cupcakes were served at the public open house on Saturday.

Lots of cupcakes!


Some kitties had bow ties on….

Some kitties had necklaces……..

And there were lots of paw prints.

My favorite part, however, is the kitties on the top of the cake. I made each one our of fondant and giggled the whole time I was making them.

We had such a blast doing this and I feel really blessed to have been given the opportunity. I hope you like it!