My Wedding Cake: Lord Of The Rings Themed

Couldn’t wait to share this one with you! This is MY wedding cake. I married the love of my life Sept. 22, 2012 in a Lord of the Rings themed wedding. It was an amazing time.

My Lord of the Rings inspired wedding cake.

My husband’s friend from work made the cake stand.

I made all the Lothlorien leaves and the dragonfly in fondant. I spray painted the leaves with edible silver paint and then hand painted the green. The dragonfly is a symbol of me (a replica of my tattoo) and the leaves are LOTR inspired and a replica of his tattoo.


The heat got to the bottom layer a little, but I have to tell you no one even noticed and I was waaaay too happy to even care 😉 I tell you what though…that tiny little dragonfly was so much harder to make than all the leaves.









We are both huge Lord of the Rings fans and having our wedding reflect our elvish sides was so great. If you have ever considered a theme wedding I seriously say GO FOR IT! Our dresses were hand made by a local seamstress. The ceremony took place in his Momma’s back yard under the huge Ent that has been growing in the yard his whole life. It was an absolutely wonderful day. One we will never forget.



We ordered the cake topper online. I believe we got it from, here’s a link. It’s just so beautiful and intricate and it was exactly what we were looking for to finish off the cake.  

We made really cute signs to post at the wedding so I wanted to share them too 🙂

The Happily Ever After Sign now hangs over the back door in our garage and people ask us about it all the time. I tell them, my happily ever after truly started here.

Hope you enjoy!