White Cupcakes with Teal Flowers… and why I love this job.

I love how the universe works! Somehow, exactly when you need it, people show up in your life in ways you could never have imagined. Over the last year I have been working really hard to get this little cake business of mine up off the ground. I’ve made cakes for friends and neighbors like Freddy’s skull birthday cake, Georgia’s pink rose cake, Brandy’s fall birthday cake, Daniella’s Christmas cake, Karsen’s hay birthday cake, and the Aguilar’s gender reveal cake. It’s all kept me very busy and happy “in the flour” as my sweet hubby likes to put it. A few weeks ago I decided to post in some local groups on Facebook that I am taking orders for 2018 and wow the response has been so much more than I expected! 🙂 I received an inbox from my post from a lady who lives nearby asking if I could make some cupcakes by the following Friday “with teal flowers of some sort”. We talked back and forth a bit, deciding exactly what she was looking for. She placed her order and I got busy making the teal flowers.

I used this fondant and colored it with this teal paste color, I really do like this teal color it’s just beautiful.

I used the smallest of these rose cutters and little silver sprinkles I picked up in a store in Utah, but you can find them here. I used my fondant tools to make the lines on the petals. I set them to dry in an egg crate I saved a long time ago because I just knew I would use it somehow for cakes.

I think the cupcakes turned out just beautiful.


Anyway, back to the universe bringing people into your life…….. We decided to meet at a nearby pub on Thursday so I could give her the cupcakes and we decided to have a drink. I mean it was Thursday after Christmas break 😉 Turns out we have a lot in common and are both relatively new to the area. Instant friends! And the cupcakes were good too. Yay universe and cake bringing people together!